Northminster Presbyterian Church


Whether in worship, fellowship, or service, Northminster values strong connections. Thank you for visiting the website of Northminster Presbyterian Church. We hope you will find the site engaging and informative. Through these links, you will find stories about some of Northminster’s members, ideas on culture and Christianity, downloadable resources, and information about who we are and what we do. So surf away!

Why Choose Northminster?

Everyone has a different reason for being part of a church. Some enjoy the prayers and music of the worship service, some look for guidance in the preaching of God’s Word, some enjoy the camaraderie of church outings and activities, and still others are looking for a place to serve those who need help. Some are looking for a place to raise their children with moral guidance. Some are searching for a place that gave them the comfort they felt in younger years. These are important and good reasons to join a church. They are significant aspects of Northminster’s life together:
Worship: Our preaching is energetic; our music is embellished by several voice and handbell choirs.

Children & Youth: Several choirs, classes, and activities all shape our kids with fun and devotion.

Service: Northminster is active in supporting manifold charities with time and treasure.

Fellowship: We are a close knit lot—we celebrate each other’s happy moments and we carry one another when the going gets rough.

Study: Sunday School and Vacation Bible School deepen our understanding and faith.

But there is another compelling reason to choose Northminster. There is only one antidote to life’s ills; there is only one end toward which every good thing is being drawn; there is only one source of life and joy and peace. The main reason to choose Northminster is to come and meet Jesus Christ and him crucified. We seek to glorify him in worship; we try to emulate him in service; we want to be guided by him in raising our children and living our lives; we are grateful and excited to be part of the community that he created. Be a part of that community. Come and meet Christ and see what he is doing in this time and at this place. Please enjoy cruising around the site; we hope to see you soon.
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